Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So I tried two new recipes today that hopefully my husband will enjoy.
D is a VERY picky eater. Cooking for him is actually extemely difficult.
He likes nothing. No beans, no veggies, no fish, nothing with mayo or ranch..
Basically meat and potatoes.
Well let me tell you that is boring. I came from a home where we tried all different types of foods.
For a good portion of my younger years we were vegetarians. I enjoy tofu, veggie burgers, almost all vegetables, fruits.. etc.
So now that I am trying to cook a little healthier for myself it's making it virtually impossible to also make dishes that D will enjoy.
So today I tried "Healthy Apple Pie Bites" (these I am sure he will like)
& Cauliflower crust Hawaiian Pizza (this I am not so sure about)

The Apple Pie Bites were very simple

Creseant Rolls (I used the reduced fat kind)
& Stevia
Take the apple and slice.
Place inside the creseant rolls.. sprinkle with cinnamon and stevia roll up & bake @375 for 11 mins.
I am sure the hubs will love them.

(not my picture, stole from pinterest)

Now the cauliflower crust pizza I am not so sure about.
I made a hawaiian bbq pizza (I have lots of ham left over from Thanksgiving)
& you can find that recipe here
Cauliflower Pizza Crust

So we shall see.
Have a great Tuesday!

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