Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So I guess I haven't really told my much about us..
Where to start.
I am a 20 something, hairstylist living in the great little state of Indiana.
The Mr. is also 20 something (4 months older than me), banker, again living in the great little state of Indiana.
We met 3.5 years ago at a job. I had just taken a semester off of college (little did I know I wouldn't go back) & he worked there. We met in July, but didn't start "talking" till September. To tell you the truth I actually couldn't stand him. Before he talked I thought he was a hottie, but once he started talking to me I was annoyed. Hehe Let me elaborate. We worked in a competitive, goal driven atmosphere & both D and I are VERY competitive. So each day he would come to my cubicle and see where I was at and if he was doing better than be he would tease me and rub it in my face (looking back I supposed this was his form of flirting). I didn't like it. 
This went on for a few months. He was transferred departments, but I had to walk by his cubicle to get to the breakroom, bathroom, etc so he would continue to taunt me & make me stop and talk to him. Finally, in September he asked me to lunch & the rest is history. We have been together ever since. :)
A year and a half after we started dating he proposed.
Right after we got engaged @ our favortite steakhouse.
Whooaaa I am a little over the top tan & a little too bleached out hair (thank you cosmetology school)
& a year and a half after that we were married.
Our First Kiss :)
Of course there is a little more to the story than that, but that's something I will get into later.
Currently we live in a house that we purchased last June.
Just a little 3 bedroom, but perfect for us now.
We have three furry babies.
Maleah: our pride and joy, a white lab.
Franklin: a little rat dog D had before we met, that's won a spot in my heart.
& Daisy: a pit bull we rescued from a local shelter, quite the troublemaker, but we still love her!
& now we are just settling into the life of being husband and wife.
& that's why I have decided to blog. I want to remember these times.
I want to look back at our young married life and laugh, smile, and remember.
to be cont.. :)

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