Monday, September 24, 2012

T Minus 19 days!
Ahh I am going to be a married woman in 19 days. I am beyond ready for this day to be here.
Now don't get confused, that doesn't mean that I have every everything ready, because I most certainly do not. What I meant is that I am ready to have everything ready and be enjoying my day.
Things I Need To Do:
Get all bowls for candy buffet
Get candy for candy buffet
Ring Bear Pillow
Gifts for flower girl, jr. bridesmaid, and ring bears
Get the bling all shine up :)
Card Box
Candle Holders for fireplace mantle
Trial for hair and make-up(you would think I would have this done since I work in a salon)
Uhh.. I think that is it? Maybe? Hopefully.
Okay! Ready, Set, Let's GO!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

About Me:
Name: Kayla
Occupation: Stylist (of hair) :)
Birthday: May 2
Favorite Color: purple, turquoise, & black (it's a hairstylist thing)
Favorite food: ANYTHING MEXICAN that's my vice :)
Children: no, just 3 fur babies
Relationship Status: Almost married, less than a month now
Where do you live: Indiana, say what you want but I love this place. Cornfields and all.
Goals: To be a good wife, decorate my house (we've lived here for a year and almost nothing is done, damn wedding), start cooking atleast 5 times a week, start running (ugh I hate running, but I want to love it), keep in better contact with some friends I've lost touch with..
Hmm.. that's all I have for now. Hopefully I will find some more to write soon.
I'll leave you with some pictures.
Well I wanted to leave you with pictures? But for some reason it won't let me upload them?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

<center><a href="" title="Sunday Social"><img width="195px" src="" alt="Sunday Social" /></a></center>
Okay so I am trying to link up to put myself out there. I am not sure if I am doing it right, I actually am computer illiterate. Hopefully I will get better.

Here goes nothing.

This Weeks Questions:

1. 5 items you can't live without on a daily basis(water, food, shelter, and clothes dont count)

Definitely my iPhone, lipstick, my hair products, my iPad, andddd probably my debit card.

2. All time favorite book? Hmm.. alltime favorite book? Well I have a lot of favorites. To Kill A Mockingbird, Where the Red Fern Grows, Heaven is For Real, & The Help .. just to name a few :)

3. Something you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2012
Well my number one goal is to make it through this wedding madness! Then I would love to start exploring photography a little more, feel a little more comfortable blogging, decorate my house, pay down some bills & plan a vacation for d  and i :)
 .. I better get started ;)
4. If you could go back and relive any year of your life which year would it be?
Hmmm.. that's a hard one. There are bits and pieces I would like to get back from a lot of years. But as far as reliving one, I don't think so.
This past 1.5 years have been the best so far.
5. What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?
That just because I am definitely sarcastic does not mean I am a bitch.
Hmm.. well there you are! That wasn't so painful.
Hope you enjoy

3 weeks 6 days. 3 weeks 6 days. I am getting married in 3 weeks and 6 days. AHHH I am freaking out. Am I ready for this? Is this a normal feeling to not knowt if you are ready? Is it normal to be completely on edge? I hope so because these are all things that I am feeling. Poor fiance, he gets the brunt of all of my frustration and anxiety. & he takes it so well. Which almost even annoys me more. He just can't win. I am so looking forward to the big day & so looking forward to it being OVER! Not that I am not so excited, I am just ready to think about something other than the wedding. Like our poor, neglected home that we purchased a year ago and have yet to decorate. My three furbabies who get no love an attention. Or having money to spend on something other than wedding. AHHH!
It's almost here. Bring it on!